Assistant Professor, Department Coordinator
Department of Humanities and Languages
New Economic School, Moscow
Tatiana Golechkova is an assistant professor at the Department of Humanities and Languages at the New Economic School, Moscow.
She holds a PhD in Cognitive Linguistics from Moscow State Linguistic University and a Cambridge Delta.
She has broad experience in teaching English for Academic and Specific Academic purposes to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as academics. Her areas of special interest are academic communication, strategies for effective writing and speaking, genre features and sociocultural peculiarities of English academic texts.
She has presented and run workshops at several international conferences, including IATEFL and MISIS International Conference on EAP/ESP/EMI in the context of Higher Education Internationalization.
"Dealing with Problems by E-mail":
Probably more often than writing papers and proposals, academics engage in communication by email. This can become tricky in problematic situations.
Nobody wants to annoy journal editors or get underpaid by mistake. How can we phrase emails so that we get what we want without making people hate us?
We will discuss common Russian errors and practice strategies that can help achieve our goals and keep friendly relations with colleagues.
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