Coordinator, The Richard Wright Center for Writing, Rhetoric, and Research
Jackson State University, Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Tatiana Glushko grew up in Russia and taught English at Amur State University. She began to develop her interest in teaching academic writing in 2001 when she attended a seminar on writing in Samara. Since she moved to the United States in 2006 to pursue her graduate degree, she has been working in the writing center, first as graduate peer tutor and then as coordinator. When she works with students and faculty, Tatiana approaches tutoring academic writing as conversation, in which being an attentive reader and listener is more important than being a good writer. For the last five years, she has been working closely with Kathi Griffin, the center director, to research the effectiveness of writing center pedagogy, write about the role of writing centers in the liberal arts education, and most recently understand the place of local composition histories in the larger national and international contexts. Together they published about writing center work in the journal Composition Studies and in the blog Connecting Writing Centers Across Borders.
Griffin, K. R. & Glushko, T. (2016). Caught between the promise and the past: A view from the writing center. Composition Studies 44(2). 167–171.

Glushko, T., & Griffin, K. R. (2015). A writing center to envy. Connecting Writing Centers Across Borders. | http://www.wlnjournal.org/blog/2015/04/a-writing-c...

Glushko, T. (2008). Dialogue journal writing in the EFL classroom. Proceedings of the Conference on Current Issues in Language and Culture Interaction. April 25–26, 2008. Eds. Zaichicova N, et al.,
Vol. 1, Amur State University. Blagoveshchensk, Russia. 99–104.
- Ph.D. Urban Higher Education, Jackson State University, 2014
- M.A. English, Jackson State University, 2009
- B.A. English, with a minor in Russian, Blagoveshchensk State Pedagogical University, 1998

Tatiana Glushko coordinates services within the Richard Wright Center (RWC), assists with training graduate and peer tutors, facilitates writing workshops for faculty, staff, and students at JSU,
and tutors students one-on-one.

In 2004, Glushko came to Jackson State University as an exchange ESL instructor from Russia, where she taught English as a foreign language in the Department of English Philology and Translation at Amur State University. In 2006, she entered the Master's program at JSU in English and began working as a graduate assistant and tutor in the Richard Wright Center. In the RWC, she held the position of coordinator of supplemental instruction (2009–2013) and served as interim director (Summer 2013). From 2009 to 2013, she also taught freshman composition courses in the Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages.

Glushko is a member of the Mississippi Writing Center Association (MSWCA) and International Writing Center Association (IWCA). Her research interests include writing center pedagogy and language difference in academic writing. Since 2014, in collaboration with Kathi Griffin, RWC director, Glushko has been involved in several research and writing projects: studying writing center effectiveness in developing students' rhetorical awareness, developing an Open Education Resource for freshman composition courses (also with Shanna Smith, JSU English Department), and creating a textbook on academic writing in English for non-English majors (with Daoying Liu, Nantong University, China).

Most recently, Glushko presented on developing a vision for the writing center at the Mississippi Writing Center Association conference; on tradition, rhetoric, and language in the composition classroom at the HBCU Symposium at Howard University, Washington, DC; and on translingual practices in the writing center, as an invited speaker at the international conference at Amur State University, Russia. She and Griffin published on HBCUs and writing programs in the Composition Studies journal.
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