Professor, PhD (Doctor of Science in Education), Director of Academic Writing and Communication Centre, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration; Dean of Interdisciplinary Department of English, Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, Moscow, RF | Moscow, Russia.
Irina Korotkina is an expert in academic writing methodology in both English and Russian with over 80 publications, 11 of which are books. She started teaching writing in English in 1998 and pioneered the development of academic writing in Russian ten years later, introducing the terms 'academic writing' and 'academic literacy' into the Russian educational discourse. In her manual Academic Writing: Process, product and practice (2015), she applied anglophone academic writing methodology to the Russian language, and in her second doctoral dissertation, she established the methodological basis for establishing academic writing as a discipline in the Russian higher education. As the Director of Academic Writing and Communication Center at the RANEPA, Irina designed an online course Writing for Research Publication Purposes in Russian. She maintains the rubric 'Academic Writing and Research Competences' for the academic journal Higher Education in Russia and gives lectures and workshops across Russia and abroad.

Irina is also known as the author of specific ESAP courses, two of which, English for Public Policy, Administration and Management and Academic Vocabulary for Social Sciences were published as manuals and are now widely used by universities and individual researchers.
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