Associate professor at the High School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Northern (Arctic) Federal University | Arkhangelsk, Russia
PhD, Associate Professor, Department of English Philology, Languages of Nordic Countries and Language Pedagogy, Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Arkhangelsk.
Academic Writing Centre Planning
The imperative to publish articles in peer-reviewed journals has prompted Russian universities to open academic writing centres. Northern Arctic federal university (NARFU) is in the process of creating a writing centre of its own. This road is quite long and tricky. The presentation tells about the steps taken at NARFU to approach the issues of the emerging centre and discloses the results of the surveys conducted among the university staff as a part of the analysis of the situation. We invite for discussion on the ways of the development of a new-born writing centre as a unit within a university, which will be of interest for those who plan a writing centre in their institution. The participants of the talk will engage in a conversation on how a writing centre may be built into the existing context of modern education. The proposed ways of overcoming stumbling blocks on this path will be assessed on the example of NARFU and the other actors of education in the Arkhangelsk region.
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