Associate Professor, Head of the Academic Writing Office
South Ural State University, Chelyabinsk
Evgeniya has a background of 15 years of teaching EFL, ESP, and philological subjects at Chelyabinsk State University and South Ural State University. She holds a PhD in Philology. Her research interests include cognitive linguistics, professional communication, terminology, and academic writing. She currently teaches a Master's program for international students (Philology. Theory and Practice of English). She is an enthusiastic participant of international conferences and academic events with special interest in academic writing and professional communication. Evgeniya is a member of Association of Academic Writing Experts "National Writing Centers Consortium", All-Russian Public Organization "The Russian Cognitive Linguists Association", and CHELTA.

This presentation is aimed at the directors and tutors of Russian writing
centers. The speakers will share their experience of managing the South Ural State
University Academic Writing Center and present its structure. A model of the
potential clients of the SUSU Academic Writing Center will be provided. The key
problems and fears that researchers face will be presented with possible solutions.
A model questionnaire for investigating a potential researcher's needs for
professional support will be suggested, and the results of a survey completed at
SUSU will be presented.
Colleagues are invited to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of
existing writing centers and their prospects for the future, and exchange ideas on
the feasibility of creating a universal model and how to achieve it. "To support the
author, to serve him, or to work instead?" is the question to discuss in the
framework of our presentation.
At the end of this session, participants will choose the best model for
Academic Writing Centers in Russia.
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