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Anna Gorizontova is a graduate of Moscow State University (Department of History) and holds a Ph.D. in History. She has published more than 40 articles in Russia, Hungary, and Poland on early medieval history of Central and Eastern Europe and for several years taught history of Middle Ages to university students. Since 1997 she has worked in the ELT business, ran representative offices of Pearson Education (1997-2008), Cambridge English Language Assessment (2011-2018). Currently, she works for Language. Prosveshcheniye, the general partner of Pearson in Russia.
Workshop:Joys and sorrows of working with primary sources.

It is widely known that the study of primary sources is an essential stage in producing any piece of academic writing. At the same time, not all writers and not all those, who teach them, have a clear understanding of what this stage involves and how it relates to another compulsory stage – critical analysis of secondary sources. The workshop participants will be encouraged to walk the route of a historian researching a specific topic – from trying to understand what information can be
extracted from historical sources to
re-visiting them after identifying the key problems discussed in the research literature.

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